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Winton caravan park

We survived the Development Road, arrived in Winton and booked into the Matilda Country Tourist Park.


Winton Caravan Park

We set up camp on the back fence, just off the main highway. Most of these parks have free wireless internet access.


Breakfast in Winton

Being up near the back fence, we could fire up the keg and cook our brecky.

It was also handy being next to the highway as we were able to reliably count every truck that went past.


Cattle train

Some of which were over 60 metres long - being 2 B-Doubles coupled together.

These road trains have 66 wheels


Winton Caravan park happy hour

But the caravan park did have a very good "Happy Hour" where all the 'stayers' got together for some bush entertainment,

to have a cold drink or two and to tell each other whopping lies about their travels.


Winton theatre

We spent two nights in Winton, giving us plenty of time to see the attractions.

One of which was the open air theatre which has a show every Wednesday night and/or by appointment.

Click the pic for info on the theatre.


Winton Deck Chair

The theatre also has the world's biggest deck chair.


Matilda Centre, Winton

We went to the Waltzing Matilda Centre which is down one end of the main street.

We can guarantee you one thing, by the time you leave Winton you will HATE the song Waltzing Matilda.


Waltzing Matilda

Guess which song they sang to this??


Dinosaur Winton

We even went and saw some more dinosaurs - getting sick of them too.


Road to Longreach

Then it was time to saddle up and head down another long straight road to Longreach, a distance of only 173 Klms.

We hoped by now that the Togo's 85 litre tank would get us there without having to refuel.

We reckoned there must be a lot of damaged cars in Queensland - we saw a dead 'roo on the road nearly every 500 metres.


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