Radschool Association Magazine - Vol 29

Page 18

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Where are they now?


We’re looking for Norn Fletcher. Norm was the NCO I/C 35 Sqn radio from Feb 1968 to Feb 1969 and was then posted back to Richmond and 36Sqn radio. Norm and the late Bill Bastion are mentioned in the witness column of a P/P7 which was made out to yours in March ‘71. Norm was an advocate of spending Wednesday arvo sporties at Ma’s and being a Sgt, and yours being an LAC, one had to obey and accompany the Sgt when ordered.Jenny Finn


Can anyone help us find Norm???.




We’re also looking for Jenny Finn (right). Jenny was on 17 Telsop course at Laverton in the mid 60’s. Can anyone help??




Kev Rosser is looking for Blue Blinco – does anyone know where Blue is these days?




Ted McEvoy said that Moya Bastion has been in touch with him and she is searching for a bloke with whom she would like to get in contact. His name is John Murphy and he joined the RAAF from Perth approx 1963. Ted says unfortunately that’s all the info Moya has and he knows it’s a long shot, but perhaps someone can help…..If you can, let us know and we’ll pass on the info.




Steve Hartigan has another long shot, he received an enquiry with someone looking for Wayne Foan. All Steve knows is he could have been a gunner or Armour. If any one can help and knows his where-abouts, please let us know.




Another long shot – Fred Thomason is trying to get some info on a John Bristoe. Although John died some time ago, Fred would like to hear from anyone who knew him or knew of him. John had a radio sales and repair business in Maryborough (Qld) back around 1940 to about 1950 called Den Radio Industries and did a lot of work with and for the armed services. If you can help with any info at all, please let us know and we’ll pass it on.


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